Vertical Solutions

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Currently the following vertical solutions are available:

Intellectual Property Registration and Management

Intranet solutions based on Ptolemy/ Acsepto
E-Filing system for single files(web-based users) or bulk-filing(desktop users/ big firms)

Municipal Administrative system

This consist of a set of modules that manage documents and records in a systematic manner by relating them to incoming and outgoing registries. The core of the system compromises a repository manager that uses state-of-the-art technology to apply content management and security policies.Sword’s extensive content canagement and archiving solutions provides deep and broad functionalities to address the entire lifecycle from capture through to final archiving for private and public sector entities to facilitate fully compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements in line with the National Archiving Act and Records Service of South Africa (Act 43 of 1996);

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Products And Services Portfolio

To effectively and efficiently serve the above market segments with distinction, Sword SA has developed a comprehensive Products and Services Portfolio tailor-made for these niche vertical markets...Know More

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