System Integration Services

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Sword SA is a system integrator. Our solution design and delivery methods are based on the realization that no single system alone can satisfy business requirements.

Two Levels of Integration

Strategic Level

Our value proposition is to integrate technology solutions into a business process environment that is managed and operated by people, hence our formula for system integration:

SI => technology + people + processes

We are passionate about this niche, that we term 'technology enabled business transformation' and have gained considerable experience in the past few years, servicing various clients in the financial services, utilities and public sectors
Technology Integration

We integrate various systems in a modular manner to achieve ‘best-of-breed’ solution design where necessary. Our architectural designs are based on the service oriented architecture (SOA).

We use different protocols to achieve purpose-driven integration (APIs, SOAP, native integration, …). Our vertical solutions are based on these various SI techniques.

Products And Services Portfolio

To effectively and efficiently serve the above market segments with distinction, Sword SA has developed a comprehensive Products and Services Portfolio tailor-made for these niche vertical markets...Know More

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