Social Investment Programme

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Sword Group have been running a social responsibilty programme from inception.

Philosophy & Policy Statement
Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is a long-term investment in our future as world citizens in general and South Africans in particular. Unacceptably high levels of poverty that result from a fundamental lack of education and skills development are at the core of South Africa’s social development struggle. Sword employees volunteer to contribute cash and kind into social responsibility programmes of different kinds. We constantly look out for partnership ideas. Currently, we sponsor a few learners at high schools in Gauteng for tuition, transport, uniforms, etc. The project has been driven by the members of our social responsibility forum, who independently do research on deserving learners. The funds are limited , so we set minimum criteria for acceptance into the programme.

Current Programme for High School Learners
The High School Programme targets South African children with good academic results at high school in the Gauteng region. The current focus on Gauteng is out of practical consideration: we believe in keeping a close relationship with the beneficiaries of our programmes. We intend to be extend our activities to other parts of South Africa and the rest of the continent in years to come. - We focus on supporting those learners who find themselves in challenging situations due to orphanage, poverty and ill-health of parents or guardians - Preference is given to rural and peri-urban school children - The programme covers basic financial support for tuition, uniforms, transport and books.

Procedures & Documentation

Learners that fulfill the above stated criteria or potential partners with social investment ideas can send a proposal to or post to Sword Social Responsibility Forum, P.O. Box 832 Kyalami 1684. The proposal must be a brief summary the object of the funding, and where applicable, motivation by the learner for financial support, evidence of good academic performance and a motivation from a school teacher or headmaster. No formal deadlines exist and applications received will be reviewed following the completion of the due diligence process. Upon receipt of their proposals, applicants/ proposers should receive an acknowledgement letter together with details of when their proposals will be considered and when they will be informed of the outcome of such consideration. A detailed schedule of all applications per area, and their status will be maintained and updated as new projects are received and decisions on considered projects are passed.

Products And Services Portfolio

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